One Vision


The party started to come together in the first week of december when Alfagrem arrived with the intent of founding a new party to focus on building the next wave of national leaders, congressmembers and involved players.

A quick surge in support saw the Party leap over PCP into 6th whereupon the party merged with DSP and soon sailed past a rather irate UKRP into 5th position.

After a week of partywide balloting, polling and canvassing the party entered the PP elections and in a rare event the polls were tied between Joshua Whelan (the man who had led DSP) and LongshotZz (one of the few pre-exsisting active members). With joshua taking the presidency on the EXP law, longshotZz was named vice-President and the party relaunched on the 16th of Decemeber as ‘One Vision’.

The First Month

As the party started the process of defining its policies and views it managed to overtake a sharply declining ESO to secure 4th spot in the rankings and it looks likely that in its first month as a party it will be contesting Congressional Elections.


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